Esmerelda Botanicals believe you can embrace greater wellness, by better protecting your body, being more mindful of what you allow in and around you and your environment.

Our carefully formulated spray makes sure what you choose to put on to your skin is a more considered one.

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100% feel good factor of working with therapeutic Naturals

Why not choose only natural botanical organic essential oils when we now can acknowledge how the singular effect of improving the health of our body, our mind and our emotions cannot be produced by a chemical perfume whose ingredients are synthetic.


In creating a greener product we feel happy about, we decided to invest in a better future – for us and for you – by formulating and developing Ireland’s first 100% certified organic Hand Sanitiser offering you the choice of a kinder anti-viral therapy.

Our spritz is 100% certified organic by IOFGA and it complies with the strictest of EU regulations, meaning it has undergone testing and scrutiny at the highest level.

We longed for a greener connection in considering what our ecological impact would be. As a small family owned and operated maker choosing to be organic is important for us.

We produce this effective anti-viral botanical therapy by formulating, blending, bottling, labelling and packaging all products ourselves on site at our perfumery in the Co. Kildare countryside.

We are proud that our spritz is composed of food grade 100% certified organic ingredients.